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A Greater Economic Gap is coming to our nation, because of Greed. Avarice thinking has come to all parts of the world. , But here in our nation, we do now see what God tells us will happen when humans seek the GET, way of Greed. From the Elder --- Post 1. 5/27/2021--- and more to come.
Avarice thinking has always been, but in our day it is getting worse, and more powerful. In the mainstream, humans are more greeded than they have ever been before.
From the Elder of the Old Church of God of the New Covenant -Heb. 8:1-13- Jer. 31:31 1 Cor. 1:2- Gal. 1:13- Eph. 2::15-22- This Old Church of God has always been around and is the Celtic people in the Appalachian mountains, of the United States, we are that Church of God one can read of in the Bible- the Scriptures that is - We are those people that Paul is talking to is the Book of Galatians these Old Celtic people who, He - Paul called the Church of God this - Sean-Eagles-de- Dia- des- an-Nua- cunant! - are very clear to who we are, and the only thing we teach is the Bible, and Jesus as the savior and not men. They were and are those one can read about in the bible as said.
This old Church of God was to be all Christian and all New Covenant and Paul was the one who preached Jesus as the only way to God for us, and the hold world, and He Paul had to return us to the all Christian all New Covenant way as the book says He did.
In Galatians, Paul is not concerned about the imposition of the moral Law of Moses (Gal. 5:13-14), and he recognizes the fulfillment of the promise through Jesus
He himself will encourage the Galatians to obey the Law of Love. Paul’s concern is with the imposition of the code of the Law upon the Galatians (Gal. 2:11-21; 3:1-5; 4:9-10; 5:2-6 …
But He also told those of the Celtic people this, ***

Paul was that man once called Saul - and was a Jew, In advance of the Jerusalem Council, Paul’s letter speaks wisdom and clarity into the first real controversy that plagued the Now Old church of God of the New Covenant in its early years— when we were under the Apostles, the relationship between Christian Jews and Christian Gentiles had to be now all Christian and all New Covenant as we teach and as He< Paul’s aggressive tone shows just how important it was to him that the people embrace unity in Christ, no matter their distinctions, and that we all are one Race of people made by God through one Adam, and One Eve, and one blood..
Under the all Christian all new Covenant anyone can come to God but only through this Jesus, the Lamb of God and Son of God, that Easter Jesus, the Christmas Gift from Heaven Luke 2:1-22- Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20-21, Acts 1 John 1:29-36- Heb. 9:11-15.
Paul did show us who we are in Jesus and who we are in God.
We were to return to what God says and if He said it, it is good enough for us.
God created man for His glory. God wanted people who would love Him, obey Him, and bring glory to His name. But God's first man, Adam, rebelled against Him and brought sin and death into the world.
Think of what it meant to God when sin came into the world, or we sin. Sin ruined His beautiful creation. Think of how it grieved God in His heart. The Bible says, "God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth…and it grieved Him at His heart" (Genesis 6:5-6).
This world has already been redeemed from the sins of Adam and Eve, this is the Gift from God for the sins of the world Luke 2:1-22- this Easter Jesus did this for all of mankind already, the Lordship clergy are not the boss or police ove this, He Jesus is the savior already, and the Redeemer already.
The statement that Jesus the Lamb takes away our sin is a way of describing God’s provision for sin that theologians call the substitutionary atonement. It is for real the price for the fall of man, and already paid for. When a human John 3:16 their way to God through Jesus, they are saved, His way.
• The Old Testament lambs were the way then under the Old Covenant as substitutes pointing forward to God’s ultimate, permanent substitutionary atonement in Jesus the Lamb. but the way they were to receive salvation then but a better way was sent to this world and as a free Gift and not for sale.
• The Bible says that God made Jesus the perfect Lamb, who knew no sin, to become sin for us so we could become righteous in Him and acceptable to God. John 3:16 is the way we are to first do just that the choice is a free will to us all to do if that is what we want there are two choices Heaven or Hell •
Three words are used to describe our salvation: • Justification – This is a legal term from the courtroom that means to be declared not guilty. The sins of Adam are already forgiven • Redemption – This means to release someone on the payment of a price. • Jesus bought us off the slave block of sin and set us free through the sacrifice of His blood as the Lamb.
• Propitiation – which means to be satisfied. Jesus satisfied the just demands of a holy God with His substitutionary atonement. • Because Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, God can now offer the world eternal life (2 Corinthians 5:17-20; 1 John 2:2).
The statement that Jesus the Lamb takes away our sin is a way of describing God’s provision for sin that theologians call the substitutionary atonement.
• The Old Testament lambs were temporary substitutes pointing forward to God’s ultimate, permanent substitutionary atonement in Jesus the Lamb. • The Bible says that God made Jesus the perfect Lamb, who knew no sin, to become sin for us so we could become righteous in Him and acceptable to God. • Three words are used to describe our salvation: • Justification – This is a legal term from the courtroom that means to be declared not guilty. • Redemption – This means to release someone on the payment of a price.
• Jesus bought us off the slave block of sin and set us free through the sacrifice of His blood as the Lamb. • Propitiation – which means to be satisfied. Jesus satisfied the just demands of a holy God with His substitutionary atonement. • Because Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, God can now offer the world eternal life (2 Corinthians 5:17-20; 1 John 2:2).
Paul did return us all to this place under God and Jesus with the Holy Ghost as the teacher.
There was no such thing as a sabbath, Holy day, feast day, new moon, focus 40, Lent, Good Friday, under the all Christian all New Covenant, and the people were now having church anywhere just as Matthew says they could Matt. 18:20 it doesn't take a lordship clergy to have a church, because we are saved, are the Church. They had the same trouble we have today with the Lordship clergy, who want to place the saved person under them. They want you to think of them as the Lamb, them as the only way, them as God.
Today men want your money and the power over you, to boss your salvation, so Paul was saying this to the Galatians, who had come in one of the arguments made by the Judaizers the sabbath holidays keepers, These false teachers suggested that to live by grace and in freedom meant to live a lawless and therefore degenerate life., but this is the Jesus who is our Lord and Savior,
The Power He has is above the Lordship clergy, This Jesus is alive- and His power is!
1. He is Immanuel
2. He is Alpha and Omega
3. He is King
4. He was the and is the Lamb of God
5. He is our only, and the Great High Priest and the only Head of the church.
6. He has the Sovereign rule over our lives.
This Jesus is to the world and to us!
7. The I Am- John 1:1-4
8. Our only savior the Lord
9. He is Jesus and He is alive.
10. The only Christ and Christ the Son of God, one of the Three.
11. Son of God, Son of Man, came in the flesh.
12. Word as we are told in the Scriptures.
Beware of the letters in Red, because they are His words, and they will call out all false hood, The sinner will be shown their sins, the Liars will be showed that the are just a lier, false teacher He will revill to you, The letters in red in the scriptures will bring anyone down to size, but set you free.

And so in the final chapters of the letter, Paul made clear that justification—an act of grace through faith—need not result in a sinful lifestyle.
Because Christians have been freed from bondage to the sinful past through Jesus, who God calls the Savior as Luke called Him in an understanding of what that first Christmas Gift was to this world, Luke 2:1-22, we now have the path of holiness open to us All as humans.
For him, this was no minor issue, as he went so far as to call the Galatians deserters of Christ, people turning from the truth toward a gospel contrary to the one they had received from Paul (Galatians 1:6–9).
This epistle was written by Paul (Gal. 1:1) about A. D. 57, on the third missionary journey from Ephesus during his two years of residence there.
There is substantial basis, however, for the claim that it was written from Corinth, shortly before Paul wrote the Epistle to the Romans.
After Paul visited the Galatians, he discovered that the Judaizers had followed him and the churches were listening to them. Paul wrote this letter to counteract their message and to state clearly the gospel.
Paul visited the Galatian Celtic churches on each of his three missionary journeys. There is no mention in the epistle of another visit to the churches as some say. This epistle was evidently Paul’s last word to these churches, written after he had visited them on his third missionary journey.
In the case of the Epistle to the Galatians, the people to whom it was sent are important, which is not always true with other epistles. Also, the destination of this book has given rise to what is known as the North Galatian and the South Galatian theories and we say this is not true because the Celtic people have handed down an oral understanding.
It seems that many forget, that the people of Appalachia, are those people, and was to them that Paul sent this, to return them to the Sunday Jesus, that it was preached to them to the churches in the area Paul visited on his first missionary journey, but this does not preclude the possibility that it had a wider circulation, even as far north as Pessinus, Ancyra, and Cavium. But we do say this was Paul doing His job as an Apostle. We teach that Paul was writing to all the churches of Galatia. This area was large and prominent and many churches had been established there.

Regardless of the position which is taken, there was a common blood strain that identified people in that area where there was a mixture of population. But most were Celtic people, the same people that live in the British Islands, and in the Appalachian mountains in the United States today.
These Gallic Celts had much of the same temperament and characteristics of the American population, that is, of those who came out of Europe or England. It is interesting to see what was said concerning my ancestors (and maybe yours).
What is it that the Applichiaen people live by? What did this Paul tell them was the Way of Jesus as the Christ.
To The Churches Of Galatia (1:1-2) to the Celtic people of the past, He said to stay with Jesus as savior.
For the only way of Deliverance From An Evil Age (1:3-5)
So we could have the Perversions Of The Gospel (1:6-10) where this Jesus is the boss over salvation and not men.
Paul’s Remarkable Conversion (1:11-24) Circumcision And The Gospel (2:1-5) Paul And Peter (2:6-19) The Life Which I Now Live (2:20-21) He gave us the understanding of how not to receive the Lordship clergy and their money schemes, their return to the old Covenant so they can take up a tithe of the people a tithe that turn into money when it was only food for the Priest
They will have you Bewitched And Befooled (3:1-5) so they can live large on your blessing that God gives you.
Paul told them all Humans are now Redeemed and Jesus did that and all saved people are The Heirs Of Abraham (3:6-14, 26-29)
The Purpose Of The Law (3:15-25) was to bring us to Christ and the better way of the New Covenant as Heb. 8:1-13 says. From Heirs Apparent To Heirs Actual (4:1-7) with salvation to be completed at the end of this human life.
The Danger Of Religious Holidays is it does take away Jesus as the Savior and gives you a lordship clergy as your God. (4:8-11) The Sacrifices In Evangelism (4:12-15) us to show we have the Holy Ghost as the one who will teach even if we can read or have man's wisdom in this world as so to shine a light does some require words, but most of the time it is in what we do.
True Friends And False Friends (4:16-20) as He says we should look out for because not all people who say Lord are His.
The Allegory Of Hagar and Sarah (4:21-31) showing all humans now are Redeemed from the fall of Adam and Eve, anyone can run into the arms of God and be saved by the choice that God has for a savior.
Standing Fast In The Liberty Of Christ (5:1) no one has to pay for salvation and live under a Lordship clergy, we have no other as a Priest but Jesus, there is no such thing as God having a Headquarters on earth and no general office with one man or group of men as the boss oven salvation. The John 3:16 person is saved already from the past sin they have. And God takes them to Romans 10:9-13 so they can be his.
Consequences Of Trusting In The Law (5:2-4) is that you will have no faith and all are saved through faith.
Eagerly Awaiting Our Hope (5:5) Jesus will see us through and will return for His, we were not to let anyone take this from us.
That Which Has Power In Christ (5:6) is saved and it is through Him the Holy Ghost.
The Sin Of Hindering Others (5:7-12) can come from us and we can have sinned and must repent even after we John 3:16, Sin is a choice that any human can make and sin will take anyone from God.
The Proper Use Of Our Liberty (5:13-15) is to set us free from men and the ways they seek to rule the salvation of the human race.
The Flesh Versus The Spirit (5:16-18) He is the teacher and He is God, He will show anyone the way to Jesus as the Lord. He will show us our sins.
The Works Of The Flesh - (5:19-21) are to be controlled and are sin and the Doctrines show us what God calls sin.
The Works Of The Flesh - II (5:19-21) sin, do not let someone tell you that they can’t sin, only the devil would do this. Because all of us are still human, and in the flesh and blood Body.
The Works Of The Flesh - III (5:19-21) sin
Inheriting The Kingdom Of God (5:21) is for the saved who keep His doctrines.
So how can one know they have been forgiven? The Forgiven person does have a fruit.
The Fruit Of The Spirit - I (5:22-23) If you John 3:16 as God calls for and He forgives you you will know it, by the Holy Ghost, and His fruit in you. The Fruit Of The Spirit - (5:22-23) The Fruit Of The Spirit - (5:22-23) Anyone can know, just ask yourself is this in you?
Those Who Belong To Christ (5:24-26) are those who first do what God says and that was John 3:16 first.
Sometimes we do have trouble and have to put up with trouble Bearing Burdens (6:1-5)
Sharing And Doing Good (6:6, 10) We Reap What We Sow (6:7-9)
Two Very Different Boasts (6:11-18)

The people for whom the province was named the Gauls, a Celtic tribe from the same stock which inhabited France. In the fourth century B. C. they invaded the Roman Empire and sacked Rome. Later they crossed into Greece and captured Delphi in 280 B. C.
They were warlike people and still are, as we can see in the Appalachian mountains here in the United States, and they are still on the move and still are freedom-seeking people. At the invitation of Nikomedes I, King of Bithynia, they crossed over into Asia Minor to help him in a civil war. They soon established themselves in Asia Minor. They liked it there. The climate was delightful, and the country was beautiful.
So what is the truth that Paul tells the Celtic people all of the ways back then, and why is it that today they are species of any new type of clergy? To us now living in the Appalachian Mountains today we see the foolishness and fake clergy when they come seeking them as police over anyone’s salvation, or as them saying they are the Boss and through them only is the way to salvation. When a Celtic person sees them with a headquarters in some other town or state, country, and it is not in heaven, they see sin in that person, because of what Paul returned us to, someone is out too and may make a fool out of us, this was once done, but not again.
There are now over 20 million of these old Celtic people here today, in the United States, along the Applichiaian mountains.
This is the Truth as Paul told those who came before us as Celtic people he called the Galatians.
This is why no one can rule an Appalachian people, they are all in God we trust people and came here for that freedom. They came here from the British Islands and are Celtic, the same people of the book of Galatians, they are those who the Romans had to build a wall to keep out as they took over that nation. Hadrian's Wall | Roman wall, England, the United Kingdom as it was called,! They will not be owned, and what they believe in Jesus is not for sale, so what was this truth that Paul gave them and they stand so strongly for?
As a people we are against have a wall in our country because we have had that before when a government wants to take over, are rule without given freedom,
Hadrian’s Wall, a continuous Roman defensive barrier that guarded the northwestern frontier of the province of Britain against barbarian invaders, as we are called. The wall extended from coast to coast across the width of northern Britain; it ran for 73 miles (118 km) from Wallsend (Segedunum) on the River Tyne in the east to Bowness on the Solway Firth in the west. The old Church of God of the New Covenant was there, the war was because they wanted to place us under their God.
Hadrian's Wall (Latin: Vallum Aelium), also known as the Roman Wall, Picts' Wall, or Vallum Hadriani in Latin, is a former defensive fortification of the Roman province of Britannia, begun in AD 122 in the reign of the emperor Hadrian.
We already had become Christian through this Paul, who once was called Saul where He did seek to kill anyone who would not keep a sabbath day or feast day, anyone who would not pay a tithe to the Priesthood, but as Paul He was preaching this Jesus as the way the only way without any old Covenant ways to salvation. This He gave to us in AD 57 long before the wall or a Roman church trying to take over the world came to the Celtic people. With another God who made them God..

The Appalachien people saw Dillie on the move once again, and Democracy in danger, under the Republican rule.

In this Nation we saw this in the way our then President was out to build a wall, God has no us and them, it is men seeking power to rule over you when they build walls. The republican take over of a Nation in what we saw. But the Who so ever God, the In God we Trust God stepped in and took it down. We today see God as the one who saved a Nation, this United States of America.
We have to live, still behind a wall, today, that no one can see today. The rest of our nation gets a return on its taxes but we do not get very much, as Celtic people, because of the greed that came into the land where we now live. Greed came and took the coal and timber!
What Paul gave these Celtic people!
Paul returned them to Jesus as Lord, and only Jesus as the savior, and to see men just men, to receive free one has to live and let God be God and believe Him as the way that He is the one God says is the Savior and only way, John 3:16 is for them and for any human who makes the choice to receive this Jesus. Salvation is in Jesus and Him alone. The clergy cannot save and is not the police over anyone’s salvation.
Paul is saying we are not Jews, but Gentiles, but there is no difference anyone is to stop keeping a sabbath day, there is no such thing under the all New Covenant, as a feast, day no such thing anymore as a Holy day for men to keek, no tithing under the all Christian all New Covenant, and as Paul said the church is the Church of God Gal. 1:13 and that He once was at war with this church that Jesus called Him it to. The saved person is to stay with Jesus and no other where we are saved by grace through faith, and that faith is where humans can’t see anything, but still believe God if He said it they are to believe it. And that is faith Just as Heb. 11:1-3-
Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for.
By faith, we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. Hebrews 11:1 – 3 and that the true God does not tell us we are the only thing He has done on this place we call earth., we are His made Humans, and are just one Human race of many colors, and to have a different color of skin does not make anyone less., we all came from one Adam. and One Eve. and God did not make someone the boss, or police, over the color of skin.
What is faith? Everybody talks about it, but few take the time to define what it is. The Bible offers a definition from the letter to the Hebrews. Faith is not merely holding to certain teachings, such as that God exists, but rather it is a strong conviction that the world around us is part of a greater plan, God’s plan. Faith means that although at times the world looks chaotic and uncontrolled, we feel deep down that this chaotic world is not where we truly live. Rather, our existences are guided by God’s strength and power.

Chapter 1 the Book of Galatians!
What Truth:? The Gospel of Jesus is not made up by Man! (verse 11) they will see the clergy just as human, just men.
The Truth: What we know is only because of God revealing it. (verse 12) Jesus is their Lord and God is their only Boss.
Pure Truth: The people Paul was speaking to had accepted the grace of God and then were led astray and started living like the world again (like they were prior to receiving God’s grace). So they will look to see if it is you that wants to be worshiped or are you saying God is God.
Their Life Application is, Jesus is Lord, and if He says it, they will believe it but you, they will question to see if you are true. -
You will hear this, Don’t let people try to sell you a watered-down or plain wrong gospel message.
If you are saved you will be different, and anyone can see it. Don't live like the world after accepting the Gospel.
Just as God did for Paul, He can take individuals who once “knew” some things and acted in some ways and turn them around, teach them, reveal himself to them, and lead them to a different life. God is in the life-changing business.
Satan lies and he will try to lead changed individuals back to a life like that before Christ. Don’t believe him. Don’t be led into confusion.
Chapter 2
“Christian freedom is the liberty to be all you can be in Christ. ” – and it is Him that makes you more than what you were, more than what you have done, more than what others have done to you because there is abuse in this human world.
Pure Grace to all and His mercy Great Truth- God’s grace allows living by faith. (verses 16, 20)
The choice to receive Truth- Once we accept Christ, our sins are crucified, our lifestyle is no longer the same. (verse 20)
Chapter 3
Not our Truth- It is not in our human efforts that we ever accomplish anything – whether it be overcoming temptation or turning from sin or living out faith. It is by God’s strength, his power, and his Spirit alone. (verses 3-5; Psalm 119:11, Zech. 4:6; Phil. 4:13)
Use scriptures to help to avoid sin. The Doctrine is God’s Creed for the Human race, to obey, beware of any religion, who says we have no creed but the bible and will not post or say what that creed is. Call on God’s strength for growing in faith, building disciplines, saying no, saying yes! and other situations you face. The Clergy cannot have more than one living mate and still preach for God, they are living in sin when they take that new honey, as Jesus says in Matthew 19 :3-11: Marriage and Divorce if Jesus says it is to be good enough for us, and the truth.

Remember that it is through God’s strength and not your own work that accomplishes things.
Chapter 4
Living under His Doctrine of Truth: The lifestyles prior to Christ can be as enslaving after turning to God as they were before. (verse 9) to God sin is sin.
Chapter 5
Truth: We are meant to be free. (verse 13)
We must obey this Truth: We are commanded to love as we love ourselves. (verse 14)
When faced with temptations know that the consequences of giving in are harder than the act of saying no in the first place. Stand firm by having God’s word in your heart and on your tongue (Psalm 119:11). The benefit of being led by the Spirit is better than the momentary pleasure of the sinful nature.
Chapter 6
Without this Truth: Sin brings destruction (heart, sound mind, strength) (verse 8 )
Living in the Truth: A Spirit pleasing life brings eternal life (verse 8 )
Made in the Truth: Being a new creation is what really matters in the end (verse 15)
The work of someone in the Truth: We should help our brothers and sisters (verses 1, 10)

In the days ahead those in debt will do without, because of Greed in mankind.
Those who have a large debt will have the most trouble. A person who is sound in their thinking will not pay more for a farm that they can work out over two lifetimes. High-priced realty only places that person in more tax to the county as debt per year. A less of a place to have crops would be better, food is what you will need. The price of fifty acres of farmland cannot be paid for, from the income of that farm and pay the taxes on it as well. So it is debt and not a way out. Seek the cheap land that is for sale. And let God bless you in what He does best for His people.
Stop now and do this, and understand this? Do not Give away what God has already given you, for you, and Your’s.
1 Timothy 5: 5-8 is God’s will for His people, so just do what God tells you. Until next time the Elder:
Today that is you at work to have two years of food for you, and yours. 1 Timothy 5:5-8 begins here with your new walk with God.
How many family problems would be solved if husbands, wives, and children simply followed those basic rules? DO NOT LET SOMEONE ELSE TELL YOU WHAT TO DO IN JESUS. The Bible set down for us what He says we should do, Just do it.

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